I began to learn art in September 2009, at HMP Lowdham Grange, and continued to do so until my release in June 2013. Because of my love of art, I continue till this day to paint, draw and create new works of art.

THANKS to my dearest friends. Vivienne Westwood and Joe Corré, who have supported me and cared for me financially throughout my prison sentence, and there after. Without them, I would have surely gone back to a life of crime, after my release from prison. My sincere thanks to them for being such good friends for the last 30 years which has been an adventure and a wealth of experience. . The three of us had bonded through difficult and hard times and remain strong, militant and successful in our own rights, what an amazing journey we’ve had.




My dear friend Vivienne and me at her new book launch on the 7 Oct 2014.

My good friend Joe Corre, Vivienne’s son.




 My previous studio and flat at Thurleigh Court, Clapham South, London.